‘Really pleased with the finished piece, was even better than I could have imagined’
Pat - Rayleigh Essex

‘I didn’t know what to expect but the work looks fantastic on my wall and people are always commenting on it’
Viki - Luton

‘Coffee Beach - the moment this painting caught my eye, I knew I had to own it. The movement created by the stunning brushwork leads the eye, from the swirling motion of the sea splashing on the rocks, beyond to the calmer horizon. The colours are warm, vivid and contrasting with intriguing depths to lure the onlooker's gaze. So convincing is the water's movement that you expect to either get splashed or get your toes wet!

I have two smaller works painted in similar colours, one full of stormy movement, the other calmer. These compliment Coffee Beach perfectly.
I also enjoy ownership of a set of four studies in blue which show incredible detail, incorporating many shades of blue in waves and flowing lava of colour.
Jan is a master of acrylic art.’
Liz - Dunstable Beds

All the art in our house is Jan's work. Her artwork goes perfectly with our contemporary theme throughout. We love the imagination and colour she puts in to her work.  Her style is very unique. We can sit and stare for ages at her work and totally lose ourselves in it."  
Sally-Anne - Milton Keynes

" I love this work. I have bought two pictures for my living room. They are a great talking point." Noreen


Please look closely at the work  - everyone sees something different in it!
Work Has Been Shown At:

  • Cork St Gallery
  • Bankside Gallery
  • Moat Farm Gallery
  • The Menier Gallery
  • Red Dot Gallery
  • Luton Art Gallery
  • Ashridge Business Centre
  • Priory Heritage Centre
  • Letchworth Museum
  • Hitchin Museum
  • Marston Vale
  • Highgate Station
  • Wheathampstead Art Gallery
  • The Hat Factory
  • The Aubrey Gallery
  • The Mine Gallery
  • Radlett Centre
  • Member of Artists Network Bedfordshire
  • Member United Society of Artists
  • www.jandruryart.com
  • www.artsnetbeds.org.uk